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Get Your Tickets to the Winnipeg Wellness Expo

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have more tickets to give away to the Winnipeg Wellness Expo. During this weekend-long event, Feb. 17-19, we will talk about eating turkey as part of an overall healthy diet. If you didn’t get a ticket … Continued

New Year, New Events for Manitoba Turkey Producers

Join us this year at any of the following events. Agriculture Awareness Expo – Feb 4, 2017 The Portage La Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Portage Industrial Exhibition Association, is hosting the first annual Agriculture Awareness … Continued

Manitoba Turkey Sampling Offered at Multiple Sobeys and Safeway Stores

As part of our continuing efforts to encourage you to consume more turkey, Granny’s Poultry Farmers Cooperative, Ltd., is offering product samples of their Seasoned Slow Cooker Turkey Roast at various Sobeys and Safeway stores across the province, Dec. 16 … Continued

Red River College Culinary Arts Students Compete for Iron Chef Title

This Friday, Dec. 9, Red River College Culinary Arts students will compete in the Manitoba Turkey Producers and Granny’s Poultry Farmers Cooperative, Ltd. Iron Chef Turkey Cook-off. The competition is held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Paterson … Continued

Let’s Talk Turkey Enchiladas

In our ever evolving busy schedules, quite often we rarely have time to eat, let alone prepare a complete meal on any given weekday. Meal planning doesn’t mean that you have to spend your entire weekend shopping, slicing, dicing, and … Continued

Celebrate the Season with Turkey

The Manitoba Turkey Producers and Granny’s Poultry have outdone themselves in the fifth issue of the Celebrate with Turkey recipe booklet. The booklet was produced in conjunction with food stylist Marisa Curatolo and photographer Steve Salnikowski. Copies are available for pick-up at … Continued

How to Participate in the #MakeItWithTurkey Photo Recipe Contest

A new contest was launched, in partnership with Granny’s Poultry Farmers Cooperative, Ltd., the #MakeItWithTurkey Recipe Photo Contest. The main networks driving this contest are Pinterest and Twitter, but you can also submit a contest entry through email. Here’s how … Continued

#MakeItWithTurkey to WIN $500 in Grocery Gift Cards

Turkey can be easily substituted into any meat dish; however, quite often we are left wondering how this can be done. The #MakeItWithTurkey recipe photo contest was launched to educate consumers that different cuts of turkey can easily be used … Continued

Quick and Easy Spaghetti Dish for Adults

I like spaghetti, although sometimes, I’d like to have a more adult version of the popular Italian dish. While you’re making the kids’ spaghetti and turkey meatballs for dinner this week, try this Spaghetti & Turkey a la Puttanesca. While … Continued

Let’s Talk Turkey – Oven-baked Panko Parmesan Turkey Fingers

This week on CTV Morning Live, Chef Jason Wortzman makes a dish that will delight the children, as well as the adults – Oven-baked Panko Parmesan Turkey Fingers. Homemade turkey fingers are delicious and easy to make. Pair this dish … Continued

Fall Into Comfort Foods – The Basic Turkey Stock

When the weather turns cold in the fall, I want warm blankets, thick scarves, and hot comfort food. Everyone has their own favorite foods, but we can all agree that comfort food is associated with feelings of well-being and home … Continued

Easy to Prepare Coconut Curry Slow Cooker Turkey Roast

If you’re like me, during the week, time is of the essence. My meal planning efforts come in waves and the grocery list is usually copied, and used, week after week – that is, my family and I ate similar meals … Continued