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June is Turkey Month 2023

For the 29th year in a row, June has been declared as Turkey Month in Manitoba! This year’s proclamation was issued by the Honourable Derek Johnson, Minister of Agriculture, and is about enjoying turkey as a year-round protein and showing some love to our turkey farmers here in the province.

Turkey Time is Anytime

If you thought turkey was only served at Thanksgiving, it’s time to think again. Sure, your traditional whole-roasted turkey covered in gravy and served with mash is a staple among many Manitoba dinner tables around October, but what about other times of the year and other types of turkey? Turkey isn’t just your ‘once-a-year’ ‘whole roasted turkey’ kinda meal.

Similar to other proteins, turkey comes in a variety of cuts and products that can be served any time of year:

Ground Turkey: Found fresh or frozen in your grocery store, ground turkey is perfect for ANY ground meat recipes you have or want to try. Ground turkey is mild in flavour which means it’s perfect for taking on any spices and can be incorporated well into any recipe. Did we mention that turkey is the protein with the lowest fat content than any other ground option? That’s right! Ground turkey is extra lean with just 8.7 grams of fat per 100-gram serving.

Turkey Cuts: Similar to chicken, turkey cuts can be found in the fresh section of your grocery store. This includes turkey drumsticks, thighs, breasts and wings. Enjoy all these cuts through a variety of cooking methods – roasted in the oven, grilled on the barbecue, air fried in your air fryer, sauteed in your frying pan, or slow-cooked in your slow cooker.

Turkey Roasts: Lightly seasoned and found in the frozen section of the grocery store, turkey roasts are always a simple dinner and are perfect for meal prepping. Turkey roasts can be found in a variety of styles and seasonings but they are all perfect in the oven, on the barbecue or even in the slow cooker.

Further Processed: Turkey burgers, turkey franks, turkey ham, turkey sausage, deli turkey, and turkey bacon are just some of the amazing and delicious options to enjoy as part of your weekly meal plans. You’ll love these products not just for the taste, but for the nutrition, too!

Manitoba’s Turkey Farmers

The declaration of June as Turkey Month isn’t just about enjoying delish turkey all month long. It’s also about the hard-working farmers who grow those turkeys for your kitchen table. Manitoba is home to 50 turkey farmers and each one is proud to provide Manitobans with the highest quality turkey possible.

Want to meet some of our farmers? Watch their stories by clicking the links below:

Austin’s Family Run Turkey Farm Leroy’s Family Run Turkey Breeder Farm
Barclay’s Family Run Turkey Farm Larry’s Family Run Turkey Farm
Turkey Donation featuring Turkey Farmer Mike Charison’s Turkey Hatchery


Enjoy Manitoba-raised turkey grown by our amazing Manitoba farmers this June! Get turkey recipes here.